Facilities and Specialities

You are welcome to park directly on the forecourt in front of the practice. There is extra wide car access directly onto the main road. Both the comfortable Waiting Room and Air-conditioned Surgery are on the ground floor. We are on several major Bus routes. Set Fee’s are guaranteed with no extra’s. Written advice upon demand. Children are welcome. You are also welcome to be accompanied during treatment. Custom appliances are available by arrangement, extra to normal treatment costs. Sterile Field operating facilities, and On-site Local Analgesia is always available. Instruments for every single patient are Autoclave Sterilised, or Disposable for your protection (this has always been the case here, and even before I opened this surgery in 1984, many years ahead of any national codes of practice requiring so).

WHEELCHAIR ACCESS IS RESTRICTED to 25" or 64cm maximum due to the width of the front door. Also please note that there is a 7" or 18cm lip to get over at the entrance, plus a step between the waiting room and surgery of 8" or 20cm. If you need to use a wide wheelchair or one that cannot get up a step Building and Fire regulations mean that it will not be possible for you to be treated here at all.

Sorry for those addicted but this practice is a no smoking environment, and that includes "vapes".

Many problems I see have been caused by practitioners attempting to perform chiropody who have not completed the minimum qualification accepted by the National Health Service which requires at least 3 years full time intensive training at an accredited chiropody school. There are people calling themselves chiropodists, (displaying often many certificates and using lots of letters after their name) who are not trained properly - please be careful and ask at your local NHS Chiropody/Podiatry clinic for who is safe to seek private treatment from.

I look forward to seeing you, and caring for your feet soon.

Telephone 01384 390000

Member of the College of Podiatry,

Jonathan D. Lees

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