Who am I

Jonathan D. Lees D.Pod.M., M.C.Pod. HCPC Registration Number CH07404

General Background Information

This Practice in Amblecote was established in 1984 initially for the purpose of Nail Surgery specifically. Since the age of 7 years old I have had the vocation of becoming a Chiropodist, and after qualifying from the Birmingham School of Chiropody in 1979, I set up my private practice in Oldswinford, which was the first ever ‘Stourbridge Chiropody Practice’ run by a private ‘State Registered Chiropodist’. I also worked for the National Health Service in their Medical Centres, Clinics and Hospitals as a Senior Podiatrist Practitioner. In addition I gained much experience working in a private clinic in Birmingham.
All instruments are sterilised to the top standards (and were years before this was expected in official guidelines). The standard appointment time given for a normal treatment is three times that which I was allowed in the NHS. I have always managed to keep fee’s well below my contemporaries simply by being very efficient. I have never advertised and do not ‘sell’ products. The surgery’s air is filtered, and air-conditioned when needed. The waiting room as well as the surgery is private, although you are most welcome to have company during treatment if you wish.

What do those letters after the name mean?
D.Pod.M. Diploma in Podiatric Medicine - (The European Standard for Podiatry, which now includes the qualification for use of Local Anaesthetics)
M.C.Pod. Member of the College of Podiatry (Replaced Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists in name - below - in 2019).
M.Ch.S. Member of the Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists - (The only recognised body exclusively responsible for the training of chiropodists in the United Kingdom.)
S.R.Ch. State Registered Chiropodist - (The minimum qualification required to work by the NHS, this is maintained by the government by the independent body the ‘Health Professions Council’ a term sadly that had dissapeared byJuly 2005).
Podiatrist Another name used meaning ‘Chiropodist’ which is becoming popular recently.

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Stourbridge (01384) 390000
Surgery Address: 37 High Street, Amblecote, Stourbridge, West Midlands DY8 4DG

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