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Craddocks Brewery Visit Stourbridge Duke William

23rd September 2013 7:30pm for an exclusive 8:00pm Tour

We enjoyed a fabulous opportunity to see around this 4 barrel brewery within Stourbridge Ringroad at the back of the Duke William pub which opened in March 2011.

We tasted the different brews and the minor cost of £8.00 included two free pints of our favourite in the excellent pub after too. Supposedly organised by outgoing Chairman Jonathan Lees, in truth all of the real donkeywork was done by Tim Scott for his July meeting in the summer which was postponed to tonight. Even the onerous task of collecting in the money was taken over by Bob most kindly for the evening, and the subs, therefore Jon did very little at all!

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Minutes of The ABC 41 Club
23rd Sept 2013
At Craddocks Brewery


A Brewery Tour took place first and a few tasters were had – very nice Beer – I liked the ‘Mad Sheep’ brew!

The AGM was convened at 9.14 pm

1. The minutes of the last AGM were approved even though they hadn’t been circulated – in Andy’s (Worrall) defence he did say that they were put on the website a year ago so everyone had had long enough to raise any issues – proposed Andy Seconded Jon – All in favour

2. Jon then went on to thank his exec for their help and support during the year and then thanked everyone for supporting the events. Jon at least had enjoyed the year!
Jon as ‘Web Master’ then went on to tell us that the site had had 5,233 hits to date – this is probably one or two of our more forgetful members?!

3. Secretary’s Report – My report is non-essential & avoidable therefore I appeal for Max Brevity ensuring the minimum number of words, thus keeping to the Sovereign essence without division, embellishment or procrastination and without repetition, therefore a NIL Report was submitted.

4. Membership Report – Bob welcomed 3 new members, namely; Ian Povey, Barry Povey and Matthew Upcott – welcome.
Bob collected £13 membership of everyone including the new members before they changed their minds!!
Bob advised us all to look at the website shortly as the new ROTA of event organisers will be updated very soon

5. Jon then handed over the Chair to his Vice; Harrison, who happily accepted the Chairmanship for the next 12 months
Harrison then thanked Jon for a Great Year and he was looking forward to taking the reins!!

6. Election of Officers:

Vice Chair – Andy Worrall
Secretary – Tim Prior
Web Master – Jon Lees
Membership – Bob Whiston
Treasurer – Paul Jay
Official Photographer – Mike Lang

7. Date & Time of Next Meeting

Ben Reid is organising the October meeting at the Halfpenny Green Vineyards but apparently a lot of people are away for the date so Andy Worrall was asked to contact Ben to see if the meeting could be postponed by a week – TBA

8. AOB


AGM Closed at 9.25 pm – the fastest yet !!

Tim Prior


Dear ABC members,

News from our excellent Brewery Visit and AGM held on Monday 23rd Sept. 2013.

Congratulations to our new Active Backcountry 41 Club Chairman, Harrison Riley and our new ABC Vice Chairman Andy Worrall

Congratulations to three new members who joined ABC at the AGM, namely; Barry Povey, Matt Upcott and Ian Povey.

Twelve members paid subs (£13) at the AGM, other members can pay direct to our ABC treasurer Paul Jay or to Bob Whiston (who will pass on subs to Paul) over the coming meetings.

This is the meetings rota for the coming year as detailed on our ABC website. If you have a problem with a date, let Bob know and we will swap members around. Usually our meetings are the 3rd Monday of the month but we can accommodate change.

- October 2013 – Ben Reid

- November 2013 - Chris Edwards

- December 2013 (9th) - Neil Rabone

- January 2014 - Mark Heys

- February 2014 - Lee Humphries

- March 2014 - Paul Jay

- April 2014 - Gez Green

- May 2014 - Matt Upcott

- June 2014 - Tony Smith

x July 2014 x No Formal Meeting x

- August 2014 - Russell Cleland

- September 2014 - (plus AGM) Harrison Riley

- October 2014 - Mike Lang

- November 2014 - Andy Hood

- December 2014 - Trevor Whittall

- January 2015 - Richard Cooper

- February 2015 - Neil Rabone

- March 2015 - Geoff Gray

- April 2015 - Tim Prior

- May 2015 - Nick Hingley

- June 2015 - Neil Bates

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